Tips For Cleaning Your Roof With A Power Washer

Is your roof covered with moss and algae and in need of a good cleaning? If so, you’ll likely want to take on this task with a power washer. Before you go up on the roof and start spraying, here are some important tips that you’ll want to follow. Never Spray Upward With A Power Washer The worst thing you can do when using a power washer to clean your roof is spray upward.

What Does Your Inspector Look For During A Chimney Inspection?

If you have a chimney in your home – whether it vents a fireplace or wood stove – it is important to have the chimney looked over once a year by a qualified chimney inspector. Doing so will ensure any safety issues are identified and can be repaired before they pose a threat to your family. But what will your inspector look for during this appointment? Birds’ Nests Birds love building their nests in secluded places, and if the vent or cap on your chimney allows them access, they might build a nest inside the chimney.

Considerations When Buying New Asphalt Roofing Material

Have you finally decided to replace your roof due to the old rooting material deteriorating? If so, you may have decided to put asphalt roofing material back on your roof due to its cost and popularity. While asphalt shingles are quite common, you still have a few options to help separate your home’s roof from the other homes in your neighborhood. Here are a few considerations to make when selecting your new asphalt roofing material.

Yet One More Reason To Ensure Your Gutters Are Cleaned Out Regularly

The threat of a clogged gutter that lets water overflow and drowns the shrubbery below should be enough to make you clean the things out on a regular basis, but just in case you still aren’t doing that, here’s one more reason: bugs. The humble roof gutter, sitting high up off the ground, is the perfect place for bugs to hide out and reproduce. While you might think of bug infestations as things that happen closer to the ground, they don’t have to be that low if a leaf-filled gutter is at hand.

Four Commercial Roof Issues That Can Be Encountered

The problems that your business’s roof is the most likely to experience will vary depending on its design, the local weather, the materials used and the quality of the maintenance that was done to it. If you own the building where your business is located, it will be up to you to undertake the repairs that may arise the most frequently. Unwanted Heat Gain Heat gain through the roof can severely increase the temperature inside the structure.

Holiday Decorations Installed By Roofers? Here's How

As long as the job at hand has something to do with roofing and you pay the roofers, just about any job is fair game. This includes installing holiday decorations on a roof. If this sounds like a service you can use, here is more about it and how you can get it. Contractors That Provide Holiday Decoration Installation on Your Roof It started a few years back when elderly people could not decorate their homes for the holidays.

Buying A Commercial Building? Reasons You Should Invest In A Roof Inspection

When you are looking to buy a commercial building, you will likely hire a commercial building inspector to complete an inspection. This is similar to a home inspection. As part of their inspection, they will briefly look at the roof. As such, you may think that you don’t need the roof further inspected before purchasing unless they advise you otherwise. However, there are many reasons why it is wise to invest in a commercial roofing inspection regardless of whether the building inspector recommends it or not.

Concrete Roof Styles To Consider

Concrete is one of the most diverse impractical construction materials. It is a great product for roofing shingles, especially on commercial buildings. There are many different shingle and tile styles that are made out of concrete. This article explains a few the most popular concrete roofing styles, and why they are so practical. Spanish Tiles Spanish style shingles are very popular in sunny environments. They originated in Spain, but you can now find them everywhere from the suburbs of New York, to commercial buildings in Southern California.

3 Helpful Tips When Maintaining An Asphalt Shingle Roof

Installing an asphalt shingle roof on your home is a great idea because this material is affordable and comes in many different styles. It does require some maintenance, though, which doesn’t have to be difficult if you remember these tips.  Keep Branches Away When branches get close to your asphalt shingle roof, significant damage could result when the wind picks up. Heavy storms move the branches back and forth, ripping apart asphalt shingles in the vicinity.

4 Projects That Can Greatly Improve The Exterior Of Your Home

A home is more than just how it looks and feels inside. A home can look great on the outside, too. If you’re not loving your own home, it may be time to explore some exterior projects that you can take on to make it look and feel even better. Many of these projects offer a simple way to improve your home. Keep reading to learn about some of the top projects that can greatly improve your home’s exterior.

Spring Has Arrived! Know How To Prep Your Roof

Now that the cold temperatures of winter have gone away for the year, it is time to start thinking about what needs to be done outside of your home to keep it properly maintained for the rest of the year. IT starts by performing some necessary roof maintenance that will keep it in great condition, and ensure that no damage was caused by the winter weather. Here are three things that you should do each year when spring arrives.

How To Restore Your Aging Metal Roof

Metal roofing is known to hold up very well in all climates, but over the years, it can begin to show its age. If your metal roofing is beginning to look less appealing, it’s time to get to work bringing it back to its original beauty. Here’s how you do it. Supply List 1 and 3-inch putty knives Wire brush Sandpaper Dish or laundry detergent Rags or towels 5-gallon Bucket Hose Rust inhibiting primer for outdoor use on metal materials Paint made for metal products or specifically metal roofing Paint roller 1 and 3-inch paint brushes Paint tray Think Safety!

2 Signs Your Home's Old Steel Roof Is Deteriorating And Needs Replacing

If your home has an old steel roof, you may wonder whether it is standing the test of time or has started to deteriorate to the point that it may start leaking at any moment. If so, look for the following signs that your home’s steel roof needs replacing. Metal Panels Are Loose When steel sheet metal is installed on your roof, the seams are welded together to create strong bonds to keep water from leaking through.

Should You Hire A Roofer To Replace Your Roof? Here's How To Know

Keeping a solid roof on your home is extremely important, as it protects you, your loved ones, and your entire home structure from the rain, snow, sleet, and extreme sun. This is why you will want to make sure that you are well aware of when it is time to hire a contractor to replace the roof on your home. Even though it is an expense, it would cost you so much more if you wait too long and the structure of your home is severely damaged by water and mold growth.

3 Roofing Options For Hurricane-Prone Areas

If you are someone who resides in a town that is sometimes affected by tropical weather during hurricane season, then you might be concerned about thinking ahead and ensuring that your home is prepared for the weather. For example, you could be looking for a roofing option that will be secure against high winds. Of course, any type of roof can be damaged in a hurricane, but some roofs are a better option than others.

3 Subtle Signs Of An Aging Roof

How old is the roof in your house? When was the last time that your roof was checked by a professional? If you don’t know the answer to either of these questions, there’s a good chance that your roof may be nearing the end of its expected lifespan. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell when a roof is too old until it starts to leak, which could potentially cause serious damage.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Pressure Wash Your Roof

No one likes having a dull, dingy roof that makes their home look much older than it actually is. You may be tempted to hire someone to pressure wash your roof or, better still, do the job yourself. Unfortunately, using high-pressure tools to clean your roof could do more harm than good. The following offers three reasons why it’s a bad idea to use pressure washing equipment to clean your roof.

4 Reasons To Use Tile Roofing On Your Home

Are you looking for the best type of roof for your residence? If so, you’ll want to strongly consider using tile to install or replace your current roof. This is a fantastic material that offers some benefits when you just take time to use it. By knowing the many reasons to choose a tile roof, you may be much more motivated to put it to use. Reason #1: Durability Keeping your home in top condition is sure to be one of the ideal ways for it to withstand the elements.

2 Types Of Roofing Materials To Use

One of the things that may be necessary at some point is to put a new roof on your home. This may be the key to helping your property remain in the best of shape over the years. However, making the right decision about the material to use can be a bit overwhelming, and you may not be sure to which to choose. Being aware of some of the most common types of material choices to replace your roof can be ideal for you.

Roof Inspection From Three Angles

If you suspect that your roof has been damaged by a storm, you need to inspect it and confirm whether the damage is there or not. Don’t assume anything without an inspection because some forms of damages are not immediately obvious. The inspection is best done using three approaches. Inside the House First, you need to climb up into the attic because this is where you are most likely to notice roof damage.

Leaks In Your Flat Roof Cause Rapid Damage To Your Commercial Building

Flat concrete roofs are very popular in commercial buildings – they’re much less expensive than sloped roofs and provide a convenient location for your HVAC units. The downside is that they do not drain very well and rely on an overlying membrane to prevent water from making contact with the roof. When leaks occur in a concrete roof, they can very quickly cause damage to your building. The primary cause of a flat roof leak is a broken seam between membrane tiles or a puncture in the membrane.

Don't Settle For Less Than The Best: 4 Reasons Your Commercial Building Needs An Industrial Foam Roof

If it’s time to plan for your next commercial roof, and you’re not considering industrial foam, you’re selling yourself short. There’s a lot of commercial roofing material to choose from, but none of them offer the benefits you can get from an industrial foam roof. If you don’t think foam roofing is the right choice for your commercial building, here are four reasons you should change your mind. They Prevent Damage Caused by Birds