2 Signs Your Home's Gutters Need To Be Replaced

If you know that the gutters on your house are getting old, you may be wondering whether or not they are still doing their job. While they may not look overtly damaged, there are a couple of signs for which you should be on the lookout that indicate that it may be time to have the old gutters replaced with new ones.

1.  Pitch No Longer Directs Water Toward the Downspouts

One area at which you should look when trying to determine whether or not your house needs new gutters installed is the pitch. Toward the middle of a gutter on each side of your home, it should be higher than the rest of the structure.

Then, as the gutter travels toward the corners of the house, they should gradually slope down at an angle toward the downspouts. This downward slope from the pitch of the gutter is what directs the water away from your house, helping to prevent damage to the siding as well as potential water leaks.

However, as gutters age, they start to droop in the center. When this happens, the water is no longer directed away from the center and will spill out over the lips of the gutters and onto the sides of your home.

2.  Light Shines Through the Seams After Cleaning Out the Gutters

Another sign you should look for when trying to decide whether you need new gutters on your house can be determined when looking at the seams from underneath. When looking at your gutters, you may not be able to see obvious signs of damage, such as holes or cracks. However, that does not mean that damage does not exist.

After cleaning out your gutters, stand underneath them and point your attention to the seams. If you can see light shining through them, the caulking at the seams has started to separate.

While you could add caulking to fill in the seams, this would create ridges in the gutters that would collect debris. This debris collection would then cause a buildup that would block the flow of water. 

When your home's gutters are no longer effectively directing water away from your house and you can see daylight shining through the seams, it is time to consider having them replaced before they cause water damage to the siding and possible leaks inside of your house. Contact a contractor near you who offers gutter installation services to have them inspect your house and discuss options for replacing your old, faulty gutters with new ones.