Tips For Cleaning Your Roof With A Power Washer

Is your roof covered with moss and algae and in need of a good cleaning? If so, you'll likely want to take on this task with a power washer. Before you go up on the roof and start spraying, here are some important tips that you'll want to follow.

Never Spray Upward With A Power Washer

The worst thing you can do when using a power washer to clean your roof is spray upward. This because the water will get underneath shingles, where it eventually will reach the roof deck. You always want to move the power washer in a downward motion so that the water can flow down the surface, just like the rain.

Use The Right Spray Tip

Your power washer will come with several spray tips that help disperse the water at very amounts of pressure. The smaller the angle of water on the tip, the harder the pressure will be of the water coming out of it. Try using a 25 degree spray tip to start out, and test it on a small patch of your shingles. If it's removing the moss and algae and not removing the granules on the surface of the asphalt shingles, you've found the right tip. If it looks like you're removing those granules on the surface, switch to a wider angle tip.

Try to keep the wand of the power washer a foot away from the surface of the roof. Be aware that moving the want closer is going to increase the pressure and potentially cause damage.

Watch Where You're Standing

You always want to be standing on a dry part of the roof, which means you need to systematically go over the surface to give yourself room to walk. You do not want to box yourself into a corner where you end up having to step on a wet surface in order to finish the job. Start at a far corner of the roof and move down and over the surface of the roof until you eventually end up at the ladder. If necessary, switch the position of the ladder to the side of your roof so you can clean that last edge from a dry place.

Not feeling up to doing this task on your own? Consider contacting a roofing contractor, like those at The Roof Doctor. They can handle the entire job for you so that you do not have to risk your own safety by walking on your roof.