Four Commercial Roof Issues That Can Be Encountered

The problems that your business's roof is the most likely to experience will vary depending on its design, the local weather, the materials used and the quality of the maintenance that was done to it. If you own the building where your business is located, it will be up to you to undertake the repairs that may arise the most frequently.

Unwanted Heat Gain

Heat gain through the roof can severely increase the temperature inside the structure. In extreme cases, this heat can lead to worker's collapsing or products being compromised. Preventing this type of heat gain will require the use of a coating that can block much of the sun's light before it reaches the roof along with adding insulation to the interior side of the roof.


Unwanted water leaks is another issue that can be common for commercial roofs. A commercial roof building will often be much larger than traditionally-sized homes. This will often necessitate the roof being built in a series of sections, and leaks can form between the joints that connect these sections. Furthermore, the large size of the roof will also expose it to a greater risk of puncture damage due to hail, windblown sticks and trash or other items. Prompt repairs to a leaking roof will be required to avoid the need for expensive repairs to the additional areas of the commercial building.


A drooping roof is another problem that can arise, and it must be treated as a severe safety risk. A drooping roof likely indicated that it is no longer being properly supported, which can put the risk of it collapsing much higher than normal. To identify a drooping roof, you may need to climb on it so that it can be visually inspected. If there is a section fo the roof that is drooping, you must avoid going near it while performing this inspection. Otherwise, you may step on an area of the roof that is simply too weak for your weight.

Noise Pollution

The roof can be a common avenue for outside noise pollution to make it inside the interior of the building. Excessive noise pollution can be highly disruptive to your guests, but it may be unavoidable for those with businesses near busy highways or other areas that can be expected to have noise pollution problems. By adding noise absorbing insulation to the ceiling, you may be able to drastically lower the amount of noise that is making it into your business.

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