Holiday Decorations Installed By Roofers? Here's How

As long as the job at hand has something to do with roofing and you pay the roofers, just about any job is fair game. This includes installing holiday decorations on a roof. If this sounds like a service you can use, here is more about it and how you can get it.

Contractors That Provide Holiday Decoration Installation on Your Roof

It started a few years back when elderly people could not decorate their homes for the holidays. Local contractors contributed their time to elderly homeowners by helping the elderly decorate their roofs. Some contractors around the country still provide free roof decoration services for elderly residents. Now some contractors provide these services to anyone that schedules these services in advance and is willing to pay a small fee for the work.

In essence, you call about six weeks or so in advance to the holiday for which you want to decorate. Right now, in early September, contractors that are willing to install roof decorations are taking appointments for Halloween decorations. Ergo, if you want that decoration that looks like a witch on her broom crashing into your chimney surrounded by purple light strings, schedule your appointment now. If you are thinking more about Christmas or Hanukkah decorations on the roof, start scheduling at the beginning of November.

The Estimate

Like any other roofing project, the contractor will come to your home and provide an estimate of what it will cost to string lights on your roof and install any other decorations you want. If you find the estimate agreeable, then the contractor will arrange a date and time to come back and put the decorations on the roof. Payment is due at the time of the service.

Why You May Want to Pay a Roofer to Decorate Your Roof for You 

For one, it is extremely convenient. You will never have to climb up on your roof ever again. Two, you remain safely on the ground, never risking life and limb to decorate your roof for your favorite holiday(s). Three, you can request and pay for this service for all fall and winter holidays, if you so choose (and if your contractor offers the service from October through January). Finally, you can also hire these contractors to remove holiday decorations too. Then your house looks great no matter what the season or time of year it happens to be.

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