Concrete Roof Styles To Consider

Concrete is one of the most diverse impractical construction materials. It is a great product for roofing shingles, especially on commercial buildings. There are many different shingle and tile styles that are made out of concrete. This article explains a few the most popular concrete roofing styles, and why they are so practical.

Spanish Tiles

Spanish style shingles are very popular in sunny environments. They originated in Spain, but you can now find them everywhere from the suburbs of New York, to commercial buildings in Southern California. Spanish tiles usually have the pink, terra-cotta color. But, with a concrete product, you have no limits when it comes to color.

Also, having a concrete roof, as opposed to actual terra-cotta is more practical because it is easier care for. That is, it lasts longer, the tiles are stronger so that they are less likely to break, and they have better insulation. Basically, a concrete roof can last well over 40 years without any special care.

French Tiles

As with Spanish tile roofs, French tile roofs are very similarly shaped. They usually have an inverse concave as opposed to a rounded top. The shape is the only real difference between the two. Homeowners often don't even know the difference between the two products because they both have a generally Mediterranean look. Both are traditionally made out of terra-cotta, but concrete is now more popular for practical reasons. In general, French tiles come in more styles, so they offer a little more freedom to buyers.

Flat Tiles

Flat concrete tiles don't necessarily have a country of origin, but they are certainly popular for their affordability and modern look. Designing and manufacturing flat tile is usually cheaper than a comparable shaped tile. So, if you want a flatter roof look, with a more streamlined texture, flat tiles will work great.

Concrete Colors

As with Spanish and French roofing tiles, pretty much any concrete roofing product is going to get its color from the dying process. This means that it isn't painted, but the entire piece of concrete is the same color. So, if you were to break the tile in half, it would be the same color on the inside as the outside. This helps with fading, and generally results in more consistent coloring and fading over the years.

Concrete is a great material for your roof, regardless of the exact style that you choose. For more information, contact your local commercial roofing services.