2 Signs Your Home's Old Steel Roof Is Deteriorating And Needs Replacing

If your home has an old steel roof, you may wonder whether it is standing the test of time or has started to deteriorate to the point that it may start leaking at any moment. If so, look for the following signs that your home's steel roof needs replacing.

Metal Panels Are Loose

When steel sheet metal is installed on your roof, the seams are welded together to create strong bonds to keep water from leaking through. Over time, however, these bonds are exposed to constant heat and moisture that weaken the seams. Eventually, the welds break apart, causing the panels to become loose.

If you see any metal panels that are loose enough to move whenever a strong gust of wind blows, the gaps caused by the loosened panels create a gap that allows water to trickle in. And, not only does water enter your home, but often these gaps are large enough to create a convenient entrance for rodents and insects.

When you have one or two loose panels, a roofer -- like those represented at http://berwaldroofing.com -- may be able to affix the seams back together. However, if you have more than a couple of deteriorated seams, the entire roof probably needs to be replaced.

Ponds Form on the Roof

Along with loose panels, another sign that your steel roof is deteriorating is the presence of ponds on the surface whenever it rains. As the metal weakens, it starts to bow downward, creating a crevice in which water can form.

If your steel roof has weakened to the point that you see multiple ponds of water forming on your roof after every rainstorm, this accumulation of water can lead to another problem. When water is allowed to settle on the surface of the metal, the steel starts to corrode and rust forms.

Over time, as the same areas of metal are exposed to the puddles, the water starts to penetrate and rust the steel. As the rust eats its way through the metal, leaks will form, making it necessary to replace the roof as well as deal with any water damage caused by it.

If your home's steel roof is exhibiting any of the above signs, you may want to consider having it replaced before the roof starts leaking. Contact a roofer who specializes in installing roofs made from architectural sheet metal to discuss your options for replacing your steel roof with one made from an attractive and more durable metal.