Why Regular Gutter Cleaning Is So Important

With so many outdoor chores on your to-do list, it's easy to forget about your residential gutters, especially if they're not causing you any issues. But if it's been awhile since you've cleared them, it's best to bump that chore to the top of your list because clogged gutters can lead to several different problems that can be very costly to fix.

Reducing the Risk of Roof Damage

Repairing or replacing a roof is often one of the most expensive things homeowners ever have to pay for. While your homeowner's insurance will likely cover at least some of the cost of a new roof if the damage is due to weather, if clogged gutters allowing rainwater to build up is what led to a leak or other damage to your roof you may not be covered. It's much better to clean your gutters at least once a year than to face an emergency roof repair that could cost thousands of dollars.

Protecting Your Walls and Foundation

Even if built-up water doesn't cause damage to your roof, clogged gutters that start overflowing can damage other parts of your home. Water running down the walls can damage the exterior of your home, your foundation or even your interior walls. It's not always damage you can see either. Improperly routed water due to debris-filled gutters or a blocked downspout can lead to mold growth behind your walls that you may not see until the growth has spread considerably.

Minimizing the Chance of Flooding

A single strong rain or snowstorm can lead to major flood damage that can soak through your walls to your floors, damaging appliances and subflooring. Most flood restoration companies have steep fees for cleanup due to the amount of labor and the cost of materials involved, so it's best to make sure your gutters are cleaned frequently, particularly if you live in an area that gets heavy precipitation.

Keeping Your Home Pest-Free

Leaves, dirt, twigs and other types of debris that typically build up in gutters are a perfect nesting ground for all kinds of pests you don't want sharing your habitat. Insects, including termites, bees and wasps can all nest in your gutters leading to damage to your home or a potentially dangerous situation in the case of swarming, stinging insects. Even rodents can make a home in your gutters or downspouts making it easier for them to enter the inside of your home.

If you don't normally clean your gutters yourself or you're not comfortable getting up on a ladder and working around your roof, it's best to call a licensed roofer or other contractor who handles gutter cleaning in your area for a quote.