Just Got Cedar Shake Roofing? Know How To Care For It

Did you just have a cedar shake roof installed in your home? While you'll immediately notice the gorgeous color of the roofing material, you'll want to take some steps to ensure it looks great for a long time. Caring for a new cedar shake roof is important because it can lose its color from lack of maintenance over the years. These tips will help your roof look its best:

Clean the Surface

There is a chance that debris on the roof could cause some damage to your new cedar shakes. This is due to the moisture that could accumulate under bunches of twigs and leaves that have piled up on a roof, which eventually cause the roof to be weak and discolored. Remove debris by using a broom, and avoid using your power washer since it can actually cause more harm than good to the material.

Trim Nearby Trees

While cleaning debris off a roof is important, you should probably take steps to prevent the debris from falling on the roof in the first place. Consider trimming nearby trees that have branches that hang over your roof. They will lead to nothing but problems over time since even a shaded portion of a cedar shake roof can cause uneven color fading of the material. Overhanging branches also are a way that pests travel to your roof and cause damage.

Remove Mold

Cedar shakes run the risk of developing mold on them quite easily from moisture saturation. You should visually inspect the roof for mold or mildew, which can be found in the form of black or green areas. Mold should be chemically treated using a cleaning solution designed to work with cedar shake roofing material.

Retain the Color

While new cedar shakes have a very rich color to them, they won't stay that way unless you take action. There is a color enhancing agent that you can apply to cedar shakes that adds pigment to them, helping them retain their color. You can purchase the pigment from your local home improvement store, and apply it on your own by manually coating the cedar shake material. It is quite a bit of work but will be well worth it when many years later your roof looks like the day it was installed.

Want to know more information on how to care for cedar shake roofing material? Reach out to local roofing services in your area that works with the material.