Tile Vs. Wood Roofing

Remodeling your roof is a major investment because it has such a huge impact on the style of your home. In reality, your roofing product, color, and style can pretty much define your home style. If you want to redo your roof to make your home stand out from your neighbors, you have a lot of options. This article compares tile to wood. These are both popular roofing products, but one might be more suitable for your home.

Tile Roofs

There are all sorts of tiles that are used in roofing. Clay tiles have a classic look. They were used in European construction for centuries, yet they're still popular today. Slate tiles can give your roof a more modern, sleek look. Ceramic tiles can add an amazing splash of color to your roof. All of these different types of tiles have varying energy efficiency, durability, and price tags. However, they are all similar in many ways. First of all, the cost of installation should be more or less the same. Also, they have similar lifespans. Some tiles, like slate, probably last a little longer than clay. A tile roof should last over 50 years. Tile roofs, importantly are not susceptible to water or termite damage. Making them great choices for moist climates.

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles are a popular roofing choice that can fit into any home style. Wood is an amazing material because it looks great in both rustic and modern construction. Wood won't last quite as long as tile but it should last 30 years with hardly any maintenance. With a wooden roof, you do need to be aware that termites in water damage can occur. However, as long as you monitor and instantly replace any damaged shingles, your roof should be able to stand the test of time. One of the best things about what shingles is that they can be customized and adapted to match with your home style. That is, if you paint the walls of your house, you can also paint the roof shingles. Most people prefer to keep the raw wood color texture, but some will paint their shingles a solid color.

When it comes to choosing between wood and tile, it should really be a matter of personal style preference. Both materials are extremely durable, long lasting, and reliable. However, they obviously have extremely different styles, so choose the look that you like best.