Want Cedar Roofing? 4 Reasons Why It's A Good Idea

Have you finally narrowed down your roofing material selection to cedar, but aren't yet ready to move forward with it? Here are some benefits of cedar roofing that may finally convince you to use it for your home.

Insect Resistant

Ever wonder why cedar roofing is resistant to insects? It is all thanks to the potent oils found inside the wood that insects do not like to be around. Cedar oil works so well at repelling insects that the oil is extracted to make insect repellent that is completely natural. Cedar roofing's natural oils are effective at deterring termites, flies, wood bees, and even ants. You can rest assured that these insects won't be bothering your roof.

Difficult To Crack

There are some kinds of wood that will easily split if struck by debris at high speeds. This makes them a horrible choice for roofing material, since hail or tree branches will cause damage to these woods after the initial impact. Other strong roofing materials, like clay tiles and slate, are prone to cracking under powerful force. Thankfully, cedar can absorb shocks and won't crack easily from impact damage.

Your cedar roof will be capable of withstanding damage from a large storm. The dense nature of the wood causes those impacts to be less pronounced when you are inside your home. Sound is absorbed by the wood rather than distributed from vibrations.

Fire Resistant

Many homeowners do not like the idea of wood roofing because of the fear that it will catch on fire, but it's not a concern with cedar. Cedar roofing is actually very fire resistant, with it receiving the highest rating possible for fire resistance.

The fire resistance is due to how cedar roofing is pressure treated, giving your home the most protection it can have from a fire starting on it. In addition, you may receive lower insurance premiums due to having a roof that is fire resistant.


Are you looking for a roofing material that is friendly for the environment? Cedar roofing is completely natural, and when you eventually need to remove the cedar roofing material, it will break down quickly and naturally. Trees are also a resource that is renewable, so it is not harming the planet to make the roofing material.

Not convinced yet that you should go with cedar roofing material material? Reach out to a local roofing contractor for more information.