Maintaining And Reroofing Your House

One of the most integral parts of your home is your roof. Not only does the roof protect you from the elements, but it is a structural support as well. The roof of your home is designed to last the entirety of your home's life, but the shingles will need to be replaced every so often. Every once in awhile there are times when a roof needs to be completely redone. No matter what is going on with your roof there are a few things that you can do that will help prevent any roof problems. Here are a few things that can help you with your roof:


If your house does not have gutters, get gutters, The main reason is actually that you do not want your foundation to get water near it all the time. However, gutters can be a very important part of the roof as well. The gutters on your home should be cleaned out at least once a month. If your gutters are not cleaned out then they will not transport the water off the roof, and you could be left with a puddle on your roof. If there is standing water on your roof it is likely to seep through and cause damage to the roof.

Valley's And Chimneys

The most common places for roof leaks to occur are along seams, valleys, and along the chimney. These areas should be inspected visually after each rain or snow storm. Not only on top of the roof but in your attic. Look to see if there has been any damage or any water leakage through these areas of the home. Be sure that when you are making your inspection that you clean off any debris that are on your home.


The new shingles that are on the market are designed and engineered to last a very long time, some of them can last up to thirty years. However, you may not have these type of shingles on your roof. If your shingles look visually worn out, then there is a good possibility that they are. When you are inspecting your roof once a month, be sure to look for any shingles that are worn down. If you find that you need to have shingles replaced, you may want to consider upgrading your shingles to the best on the market. The better the shingles the longer they will last. 

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