Important Signs Of Asphalt Roof Failure That Every New Homeowner Needs To Know About

Now that you have purchased your first home, it is important that you know how to identify potential problems with its roof. By identifying roofing problems when they first begin, you can save yourself a ton of money on repairs. To this end, here is a list of common signs of early roof failure you should be aware of:

Misshapen Shingles

When asphalt shingles age on your home's roof, they will tend to curl and crack. If you look at your roof and can see shingles that are misshapen, then it is very likely that your roof is getting old and near the time it needs to be replaced.

If the shingles are only misshapen in one area of the roof, then it is possible to have only that part of your roof repaired or replaced if you catch it before any other damage has been done.

Missing Shingles

If you are finding broken off shingles or roofing nails in your yard after windy storms, then this is a sure sign of a roof that needs replacement. When the roof gets too old, the shingles become brittle and will break off when the wind blows.

Discoloration on the Roof

Other than some slight color variations caused by the sun, your home's asphalt roof should all be about the same color. If you see any green moss areas or black streaks of mold growing on the roof, then this is a sign of a serious problem. Typically, your home's roof will be completely dry and will not be able to serve as a host for mold, mildew, or moss growth. If you see these things growing on your home's roof, then there is an area that is not draining well and needs to be repaired.

Rusted or Missing Flashing

Often, when a roof is nearing the end of its life, the metal flashing on various areas of the roof will start to rust or become detached. If you see rusted or missing flashing, then you should suspect that your roof is aging and have it inspected. Even if your roof's shingles don't need to be replaced, the flashing does need to be repaired or replaced.

Water Stains on Ceilings or Peeling Paint

Finally, if you see any water stains on your ceilings or bubbling and peeling paint, then it is likely that your roof has already started leaking. Even if the water has only breached the home's attic space, the excessive moisture will cause the paint on the sheetrock below to peel and bubble. 

If you notice any of the problems discussed above, contact a roofing contractor from a company like Stevens Roofing Corporation to inspect your roof.