4 Uses For The New Flat Roof You're Considering Having Installed

Installing a new roof is a surefire way to enhance your home's curb appeal, improve its energy efficiency, and even increase its overall resale value. Having a flat roof installed will give you some extra real estate to play with—here are a few fun and interesting uses for the new flat roof you're considering investing in:  

Create a Rooftop Garden

You can create even more insulation for your home by building an herb, flower, and vegetable garden on the roof for the whole family to enjoy. Not only will you save some money throughout the year due to improved household energy efficiency, but you can expect to take advantage of free food as time goes on too. To make the rooftop garden look and feel inviting so people enjoy spending time up there, consider covering the entire roof with faux grass so it's comfortable to walk and sit on.  Then line the edge of your roof with large pots of about 2 or 3 gallons in size.

Fill the pots with your favorite fertilizer and gardening soil, then plant starters or seeds of your preferred herbs, veggies, and flowers in the pots. After lining the roof with your foliage pots, create a centerpiece by placing a statue or piece of outdoor artwork in the middle of the roof and then surround it with more flower or vegetable plants in pots. You can then furnish the roof with lounge chairs and solar garden lights or tiki torches so it can double as a garden and a space for various recreational purposes.

Build an Outdoor Family Room

Another great way to utilize your rooftop space after having a flat roof installed is to build an outdoor family room over it. Start by having some extra floor support and a gazebo or similar structure installed near the middle of the roof. You can then protect the space from rain and excessive winds by wrapping the gazebo with some screen and securing it onto the frame using a staple gun. Furnish the family room with bean bags and a small shelf filled with books and games to enjoy together, and you'll have an adventurous place to visit when sitting inside doesn't sound appealing to anyone in the house.

Make Star Gazing Easy

Turning your rooftop into a personal planetarium is a fun way to utilize the empty space after a fresh roof installation. Line the edge of your rooftop with chicken wire or lattice to create a light fence that will help ensure that nobody falls off the roof while they're busy gazing up at the stars. Once you have installed a border, fill the space with comfortable seating, a large telescope, and other tools and accessories such as:

  • A small table with a star chart and notebooks stored in it.
  • High-powered magnification eye pieces.
  • A mini astronomer's toolkit.
  • Laser pointers.

Store the goods in a small weatherproof tub in a corner or under your table for easy access so you don't have to lug it up and down with you every time you want to check out the night sky.

Dry Your Clothing Quickly

If you're looking for a basic and simple use for your new flat rooftop, consider simply installing posts on either end of the roof and hanging ropes from the posts to create a outdoor clothes drying area. Just climb up there and hang your clothes after they come out of the washer on a warm and sunny day to save yourself some money on electricity, as well as give your garments a fresh and natural smell. And when clothes aren't being dried during holidays, you can use them to hang decorations on!

These are just a few of the fun and efficient ideas you can use to turn your flat rooftop space into useable real estate that the entire family is sure to appreciate. For more information, contact a roofing contractor in your area.