Acrophobia & House Exteriors: 5 Types Of Roofing Services To Help Complete Tasks

Roofing professionals are great for installing new roofs on homes and garages, but their professional services can expand to a lot more than just that. If you're scared of heights, scientifically referred to as acrophobia, then you will probably do anything you can to avoid climbing up on the roof. Instead of making sacrifices or putting off projects, you can get anything done to your home by hiring a roofer for these extra services. The following fives types of work can help with decorating, repair, and annual tasks you seek from your home. All of the work can be completed while you stay comfortably on the ground.

Christmas Light Installation

When you're scared of heights, your exterior Christmas decorations may be limited to a few bushes and a wreath on the door. Turn your home into a true Christmas wonderland by hiring a roofing company to complete lighting installations. Due to the cold weather, winter roofing installations are often limited. This allows roofers to expand their job function and opens up a lot of different appointment opportunities.

Once hired, roofers can install lighting trim around the home, off of gutters, and even around window areas. Their professional tools and ladders make it easy to install the lights and have them shining brightly before Christmas. Inflatable decorations and statues can be rigged to the roof securely so they will stand through the holiday season. After the installation is complete, you can book an appointment to have the lights properly removed.

Chimney Accessories

Even if it's not actively used, the chimney is an important structural part of the home that should be properly taken care of. Purchasing a variety of chimney accessories is great for protecting a chimney, but they will be no good if your acrophobia prevents you from getting them properly installed.

One of the more common accessories to have installed is a chimney cap. These caps help prevent wear and weather damage to a chimney. They can also help keep wild animals like raccoons and birds from nesting in the chimney area. A professional roof worker can install the cap and ensure that it is securely fitted. Along with the cap, they can help install ornamental decorations like a copper chimney cap or a weather vane.

Snow Removal

Heavy snow storms are no good for your roof. The snow adds a lot of weight, pressure, and moisture to your roof. To help prevent deterioration or cave-ins, the snow should be properly removed within a few days after the storm. If the snow is left behind, it can create an ice dam and cause additional damage or flooding.

Roofers can not only climb up on the roof for you, but they usually have the proper tools to quickly get rid of snow. One example of this is a roof rake. The long tool can pull snow off the roof without causing damage to shingles or other materials.

Gutter Cleaning

When rainy seasons arrive, it's crucial to have gutters cleared of leaves and debris. This helps with the water flow and prevents roof damage along with basement flooding. This is why many roofing companies will offer gutter cleaning as a service. The service is often an add-on service with roofing installation, but can also be booked for its own appointment. Clearing out the gutters can also help identify any other problems with your roof or landscaping. For example, a tree that hangs too close to the gutters may be causing them to to clog faster and create water issues.

Storm Damages

When emergencies occur, there is no reason to face your acrophobia and attempt to climb a roof. A lot of roofers are available for emergency services. If parts of your roof have been damaged during a storm, then you should call a repair specialist as soon as possible. This will ensure that no further damage occurs and your home is properly secured. Branches, sticks, and high winds can all do damage to shingles, exposing more vulnerable parts of the roof. If left untreated, something as simple as a rain shower can create even more damage.